Legit medication store offers fast , secured and discreet delivery for all orders placed. We have available overnight and regular delivery. Overnight delivery takes 24 hours to complete shipping where as regular delivery takes a times 3-5 days so our customers are expected to choose which shipping option they prefer depending on the urgency of their medical needs. A times, we provide free shipping for bulk orders placed .Now after an order is placed, we will package discreetly , ship it and then send a confirmation in the form of a tracking number, with the tracking number the customer will be able to track, trace and get a view of his or her shipping details from the chosen shipping service we ship using Fedex, Ups, Dhl, Usps . 
  Some people ask why do i pay and don’t receive the order? to address this question we will begin by saying that every country has customs and now to by pass customs we ship discreetly we mostly send our parcels as diplomatic parcels as such parcels are not subjected to checks during delivery in such a way they cannot be stopped or checked during shipping . 
Regarding returns we have a reshipping policy assigned to every parcel in the event where we ship and the order doesn’t not make it probably due to loss,damage, seizure, bad weather , pilferage we will issue a reshipping on the order and take care of any associated cost.