Are all your products genuine and legitimate?

Legit medication store is a licensed online pharmacy that mails out prescription drugs around the world. Our mission is to help those who can not make it to a doctor or have no health insurance available. Depending on the medications in your order, we ship world wide in discreet delivery.

Why should I order medicine from your online pharmacy than buying it locally?

There are several advantages from ordering online with legit medication store. You will have no wait times, no prescriptions required, no embarrassing doctor visits, and often lower prices than what you would pay at your local store.

Which payment methods do you accept?

The Bitcoin Pharmacy only accepts Bitcoin as this can be used to protect your identity and evade mandatory medication restrictions in which VISA and Master Card prohibit us from processing directly. If you do not own Bitcoin you can purchase some using a traditional payment method such as credit card or cash first.

Should I use my real name when purchasing?

We would suggest you use a real name as some post office are more strict. This is more important when having items sent to a PO BOX (Post Office Box) or an apartment. All orders are encrypted automatically and are automatically securely wiped after 30 days from our system. This would prevent any future trail from linking you to our website. If you have already received your items and would like your order deleted sooner you may contact us to do so.

What is your return policy?

Due to international health policies and for the safety of our customers, medicine can never be resold after it is packaged and shipped out. If you are unhappy with your item, please contact our Customer Service with a detailed description of your problem to request a Return Authorization Number and a prepaid shipping label. Before refunding any money, we will require you to return the remaining medicine so we can dispose of it properly.

How much is shipping and how long until my item reaches me?

Shipping charges vary depending on your location as well as the method of the shipment selected  however overnight shipping is fast and takes only 24 hours to deliver the order paid for

Why is my order status still showing Pending Payment and not shipped yet?

After payment is confirmed the order will be processed and shipped and a tracking number for shipment made available

How secure is ordering my medication from you?

Legit medication store has been in business since 2013 and has not had any security issues. By accepting Bitcoin we never require to verify your identity with any information such as social security, birth date, or full legal name. We do not require a health insurance card or any other connecting information to you. Packages are shipped discretely, in dual bubble wrap with other stealth methods to prevent any tampering or theft of your medication during transit. Over the course of a year we have a 98.9% success deliverable rate.

What happens if my package is lost or does not arrive to me?

We do reshipping for non delivered parcels and take care of any associated cost .